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  • "I've had nothing but good experience with the guys at Middletown Cycle. This is my second bike in eight years I've purchased through them. Service has always been quick. Prices seem fair. I would recommend them. Love my new Vaquero."

    Overall Rating:
    Dan Knauff
  • "Nice dealership. Had a great experience buying my Honda Dirt bike, would recommend this place. [The] salesman was very nice to deal with."

    Overall Rating:
    Brad Hayslip
  • "Amazing customer service, amazing prices. Middletown Cycle is now my go to motorcycle shop!"

    Overall Rating:
    Tyler Riley
  • "Middletown Cycle has been nothing less than accommodating, understanding, accurate and competitive with every transaction I've made with them. I buy parts and accessories and they service when necessary. I don't expect them to be perfect since they are human beings and all. But they always do their best, which is more than I can say for other shops around town. Keep up the good work!"

    Overall Rating:
    Benjy Weisenburgh
  • "These guys are hands down the best... I purchased a bike last week and dealt with a gentleman named Erin Covey and he was very professional. [He] did not pressure me into the purchase and even gave me a few days to think about it. The worst and best part of it all was I wrecked the bike less than a mile away... A gentleman named Dan Feiss came and got the bike for me and took it back to their shop... One of their mechanics even took me home. I can not express my gratitude enough... I recommend these guys to anyone ...And once again I can't express my gratitude enough. Everyone was awesome."

    Overall Rating:
    Mike Turner
  • "This is based purely on my experience. I did not buy a bike here. But I have now visited multiple times, and these guys are pretty great. I went to check out some accessories, and I'm new to the area so I also wanted to see what my new local shop had. The salesmen greeted me when I walked in and didn't pressure me into anything when I checked out their selection. They had a decent variety of models, anything from a Grom to a Busa. They have a back room with 50-80 more bikes so that front showroom is not the end of the road. They didn't have prices shown, and I guess that's a personal decision by the owner, but that would annoy the crap out of me if I was buying. Be sure to go in there with a firm price from the internet or another dealer, but any good shop will let you know how far they can go after you ask. The parts guy was nice, they have a decent apparel selection. I ordered a few things, and he said they would be in only 2 days later, and they were. They have some accessory mounts and headsets so you could probably get everything you need if you're a first timer with a laundry list of wants. It's located in the back of a dead end, so if you buy a bike and then need to practice on it, you can because there is no traffic. All in all, they commented on my bike and everyone was pretty nice and chatty, so if you're in the area I would give them a look."

    Overall Rating:
    Alexander Bryant
  • "I have been a customer at Middletown Cycle since 2010, and I couldn't be happier. They have gone out of their way several times, whether to find me a trailer, special order parts, or give me quick service. Great folks, great service. Today, I had a part fail on my Spyder, and they fit me in and got me back on the road. I really like these guys!"

    Overall Rating:
    Verb Washington
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